Don’t Trust Car Insurance Company Carelessly!

as mobil 1How many car insurance companies that you know? Are there 7, 8, or 10? No matter what the answer is, you definitely know that at this moment there are many car insurance companies that you can find. However, some of those companies are not professional and reliable. They just want to earn money without serving customers optimally. For this, if you want to buy car insurance, don’t trust car insurance company carelessly, unless you want to:

Waste much money to pay insurance premium

Amount of insurance premium that you have to spend depends on protection you take. Of course, comprehensive protection is more expensive that TLO protection. The problem is you will remain spending much money although you take TLO protection as long as you trust unreliable car insurance companies. This happens because they want to get huge profit from you. The worst part is when your car gets any accidents and damages, they will reject your claim or give small compensation only. Of course, this will make you waste much money.

You need to know that my neighbor ever bought car insurance at unwell-known car insurance. Did you know how much money that he spent for insurance premium? He wasted thousands of dollars. How much money that they got as compensation when his car got damage? Yup, he just got less than one thousand dollars.

Make your car get serious damage

Realize that unprofessional car insurance companies don’t cooperate with qualified auto workshops. This is a serious problem because the mechanics can make your vehicle get serious damage. They might replace good car parts with bad ones or do any repair shortcuts so you have to bring your car continuously. They worst part is they can ask you to pay additional costs. This is not good for you because you will lose your car sooner or later. Imagine if your car’s brakes don’t work well when you go outside, of course you will deal with car accident. Even, you will deal with police if you hit walker or ruin public facilities.

Thus, whenever you want to buy car insurance, make sure that you don’t trust car insurance company carelessly. You should look into car insurance’s reputation and track record first. If you are confused of finding the right one, compare amount of premiums and number of auto workshop partners. Don’t forget to check available terms and conditions when claiming your insurance police. Last, choose car insurance company which offers friendly premium so you don’t spend money too much. Anyway, if you need any helps in comparing and choosing the right car insurance provider, visit that provides information about car insurance providers including their premium and amount of car workshop partners.

Criteria of a Forex Gambler

forex trading is not gamblingYesterday, I met my old friend and he told me that his friend is a forex gambler. I was quite surprised because becoming forex gambler would only bring many disadvantages. Anyway, my friend and I are forex traders. Initially, my friend was a forex gambler too because he traded as he liked without consider about market, trend, and movement of currency at all. I told him that what he did was not true. I asked him to stop doing it. For the first, he did not want to do it because he thought that he did the true thing. He recently regretted after getting huge loss in which he lost thousands of dollars. He was very sad at that moment and nearly frustrated too.

I tried to support him as well as possible so he did not felt depressed and stressed. Fortunately, he wanted to listen to me and introspect himself. Then, I helped and told him how to trade as well as possible so he became a truly forex trader.

Anyway, do you know what criteria of a forex gambler are? If you don’t, please check the answer below:

Not learn about forex in detail

This means that forex gamblers don’t read information about foreign exchange in various sources, like books, eBooks, magazines, newspapers, and articles on various sources. They might just read little information and develop it themselves. Of course, this is not good because they cannot understand this trading well. If this happens, they will trade as they like without thinking about loss that they will get soon. You need to know that my old friend also did this at that moment. He just read some low quality articles and then traded. Like mentioned above, he just wasted much money and got huge loss at last.

Not do fundamental or technical analysis

In forex trading, analysis fundamental, analysis technical, and feeling are keys to know market trend and movement in the future. The problem is forex gamblers relies only on their feeling. They don’t do fundamental or technical analysis at all because they assume that it just wastes time and energy. They highly believe with their feeling. Imagine if they take huge lot and rely only on their feeling when opening or closing sell position and actually, market trend goes down drastically, of course they will get huge loss.

By knowing the criteria of a forex gambler above, hopefully, you don’t be one of the forex gambler. Realize that forex trading is not gambling or a game that you can pause, stop, and play anytime. Getting huge loss will come to you if you trade as you like. If you feel that you are not ready to tread, open demo account first and learn related information from various sources.